About Us

Since 2013, Daytona Freight Systems has been providing transportation solutions to customers across Canada and America. Daytona Freight Systems is a leading Canadian-based Freight Management organization committed to professional and on-time freight delivery.

Our freight management specialists optimize and manage the transporting, tracking, and warehousing of your freight. Whether Canadian or International freight, we have the best Supply Chain Solutions.

We believe that the greater our vision, the greater our success will be. That is why we aim for excellence in every aspect of our business. Our determination to be the best translates into a motivated staff devoted to providing our clients with an unsurpassed level of service.

We would be nothing without the dedication of our hard working employees. That is why we equip our drivers with top-of-the-line trucks and provide our office staff with the training and support they need to grow alongside the company.

We’ve always been a transportation provider who has listened closely to client feedback and concerns and have developed programs customized to our customers’ exact requirements.. We will continue to take an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving. We will create new opportunities by empowering our managers to develop solutions that achieve “Simplified Shipping” and “Service Excellence”.

Today, we remain true to our founders’ early dedication to service. Their hard work and determination was the foundation for our success and has contributed to the success of thousands of customers.

Daytona Freight Systems is Certified ISO 9001:2015 and CAMSC Certified.